Meet the Spruce Board

Spruce is managed by an all-volunteer group of rising stars in Philadelphia's professional community, who are dedicated to leveraging their skills to build a promising future for local youth.

Spruce Board Executive Committee Members

Eliza Erickson

Jeannette Bruno
Vice President, Operations

Paul Lantis
Vice President, Governance

Danielle Pinto
Vice President, Engagement

Eric Kurtz

Tiffany Searles

Board Members

Anna Bohl-Fabian
Chair, Grants Committee

Geneva Campbell Brown
General Board Member

Donna Calderone
General Board Member

Julia Dougherty
General Board Member

Amanda Evans
Vice Chair, Grantmaking

Sarah Ferst
Chair, Events Committee

Brad Giuliano
Vice Chair, Events Committee

Janelle Grace
General Board Member

Katlin Hess
Vice Chair, Communications Committee

Andrea Highbloom
General Board Member

Ernie Holtzheimer
General Board Member

Marci Leveillee
General Board Member

Libby McLaren
Co-Chair, Development

Naima Murphy
Co-Chair, Development Committee

Lisa Nwankwo
Vice Chair, Grants Committee

Jason Poore
Vice Chair, Events Committee

Chris Rhodes
General Board Member

Michael Schlesinger
General Board Member

Elizabeth Starrantino
Chair, Communications Committee

Caitlin Zappas
Vice Chair, Communications Committee

Conflict of Interest Disclaimer

Members of the Spruce Foundation Board of Directors are engaged in many external relationships with other non-profit organizations, government agencies and private sector entities. These relationships do not affect the partnership and grant-making decisions of the Spruce Foundation. Members of the Board of Directors are bound by a strict conflict of interest policy that is available upon request.